cat life

Cat Magic

“Do do….that voodoo….that you do so well…”

When Cole Porter sang “You Do Something To Me” I’m preeetttty sure he wasn’t referring to his cat! Althoooooough……

I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but there’s no question my kittos have me wrapped. And they don’t even try. Or do they? The thing is, it’s not hard to love a furry creature – any creature – let alone one that makes the smallest of cute baby gestures while purring. Or rolls upside down. Or looks at you sweetly right before climbing your curtains!!!! ; )

We currently have three, but according to Ernest Hemingway, “One cat leads to another” so maybe it is just a matter of time. The first to join the family were Thelma and Louise (Telmers and Weezy). Rescues that melted our hearts when a co-worker first shared their pictures as kittens. We didn’t originally set out to name them after movie characters, but upon bring them home it didn’t take long before Telmers squeezed her little tiny body through the small bars on the super expensive (and supposedly foolproof) cage we just purchased – with Weezy right behind her. So the names just fit. Buttons was a litter behind them. Once again, her picture had us at ‘pink nose’. Her name came from the little spot on her belly (belly ‘Button’) and the fact that she always knows how to push all the right Buttons in our hearts. Awwww……

That was a quick four years ago and already they have trained us well. So yes, it is true what they say about cats ruling the roost. Ha!

While I have learned to steer clear of cute cat pics from friends to avoid becoming the next Hemingway Home, I think – for the time being anyway – I am going to nurture my cat fixes by coddling and cooing your kittos. That’s good with you, right?

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