cat life

Meet The Crew


So here they are. The little dumplings that have me wrapped around their tiny paws. Don’t you just love ’em? Thelma and Weezy are sisters from the same litter and Buttons is one litter behind. It’s funny because they all get along and fight like sisters so it feels like the perfect reality show family! lol

Thelma is the quintessential cat. She will blink at you as if she is bored when you try and get her attention, but will run up and rub around your legs if she thinks you don’t notice her. Oh yeah, and she loves to sneak into the bathroom and furiously unroll the toilet paper, so we have been ‘trained’ to keep those doors closed.

Weezy is the princess. Demure and stately, she struts like a model on a runway as she makes her way around. And yet, if provoked by Buttons she will stand her ground. She loves little paper balls. Playing with them – and hiding them under the stove. We know this because she will literally lay on the floor sideways in front of it, one paw reaaaaching underneath until we notice her. And then we get down on the floor and retrieve her toy. No joke. I secretly think she gets a kick out of watching us get on the floor and get it out.  ; )

Buttons is sweet and sassy. Cute and devious. She knows how cute she looks when she rolls upside down, so now it has become a prompt when she wants something. And if we don’t take notice right away, she will go after the curtains to get our attention. She has a few little soft toy balls (that were once sparkly pom poms) that she loves to hide in various places. She uses her sweetest meow (translation: “I want my tooooooy”) to provoke us to hunt them down. I think she also loves to watch us move everything in the house trying to figure it out.

They are only four years old so they still have plenty of kitten in them. Every day is a new adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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