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Compression Cat Box

You know how I am always on the lookout for cool things, right? Well, maybe not always but if something lands in my inbox / fb / instagram or basically line of sight, I find it hard not to stop what I am doing to take a closer look. And that is just what happened here. First things first. I love shopping handmade / local / repurposed or basically things that originate from someones creativity. Of course, a popular place to find things like that is Etsy. Another is The Grommet. I really like The Grommet because it has more of a nerdy bent to it, and I mean that in the best way. Most of the items they sell are techy or very functional — meaning you never knew you needed it until you discovered it, and once you did it is just hard to live without.

Enter the Cat Compression Box by Whisker+Box. What is a cat compression box, you ask. Well, you know how cats love squeezing into small spaces like drawers or shoe boxes? Basically that is a general idea of a compression box. Something snuggly like a cat bed and portable – which is what I love about this! As you can see in the pic above, it can easily sit on the desk next to you so Muffin can get cozy while you work (and keep away from your keyboard ; ) But think also how much easier getting him / her out of the house for a vet visit will be! Put the Whisker+Box on the floor, let your cat get comfy and off you go. Or whatever. Also love that it is made of durable nylon canvas so clean up is easy and folds flat just in case you need to tuck it away!

Although I don’t own one yet, I can see how this would really come in handy and for sure it will be added to the bucket list. With Christmas around the corner it would make a great gift, and right now at $42 not an expensive one, either! Check out The Grommet for more information. I also have a post on FB so you can check it out there as well. And if you happen to get one, be sure to drop me a message with your thoughts. Always curious if a thing is as cool as it looks. Thanks!

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