Why a One Hour Visit is Almost Not Enough


Meet Emma. A beautiful Orange Tabby who loves to be played with, brushed and talked to. She and I had a great time recently as I was helping with her care. An only kitto, she  enjoys a pretty quiet lifestyle with lots of love and attention, which is why her owners were grateful for the hour visits twice daily when they were gone. After their return I received a text pic of her waiting on the stairs for me! It was so sweet, as I know the time we had together really helped alleviate some of the anxiety of her owners absence.

When some folks see the Cheshire Cat / One Hour visit option on the Services page, it occasionally triggers questions. “Why would a cat need a one hour visit? Isn’t that a bit excessive?” Although it may seem so, the short answer is no. Believe it or not, cats can get lonely! As Susan Paretts points out in this great article on The Nest, “While many people think of cats as loners, the truth is that your cat forms a close bond with you and enjoys your company.”

This is so true of my own kittos, and one of the main reasons it became an option. Between playtime, occasional treats, brushing and our daily ‘conversations’, we really give them a decent amount of attention, and I know they appreciate it. In fact, sometimes they seek it out (my earlier posts have numerous examples of this).

Add to that feeding, box cleaning, fresh water, cleaning up after a feeding, putting away toys, and whatever other household details need attention and an hour can disappear in the blink of an eye! I think the big picture here is that the time spent with the cat is really important – whether playing or just chilling on the sofa with a good brushing – and it also can’t be rushed. Keep in mind, cat’s don’t have the same sense of time we do, so they may just be getting comfy when we are thinking it is time to move on.

All in all, every cat is different, every situation unique. In my experience the cats who get the sense that you are there for them and respond favorably far outweigh those who don’t. They are happier, sleep better, and a pleasure to come home to. Just ask Emma. ; )



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