5 Great Ways to Keep Your Kittos Cool


No one really thinks about stationary fronts until they park themselves in your neighborhood for a few weeks littering your days with heat and humidity that usually marks the end of summer, not the beginning. Of course, while the sun and warmth are a welcome respite from an unusually long winter, it may be easy to overlook how these dog days affect our kitties.

How hot is too hot for cats? Is our comfy 78 degrees too warm for their furry little bodies? While it is hard to know exactly at what temperature they start to be affected, chances are if you are feeling the heat, they are too.

Feline Hyperthermia, or heat stroke, is a very real, very dangerous thing. If your cat is showing signs of heat stress (panting, lethargy, vomiting, red mouth and tongue) get them to a vet right away. In the meantime, here are some ways to keep them safe and cool.

1. Ice Ice Baby. I’m sure you are already keeping an eye on their water supply, but why not add an extra bowl or two around the house to make sure they stay hydrated where ever they are. Adding a few ice cubes in their bowls will keep the water full and cold as the ice melts. For that matter, just a separate bowl of ice cubes will melt and provide cold water when they need it (although maybe a little water in it will help them understand that it is for drinking!). Really want to get fancy? Crushed ice. Oh yeah.

2. Speaking of Frozen…Freeze a water bottle or two overnight, wrap in a towel in the morning and place near her fav lounging spot. How awesome will that be when she is ready to catch some Zs! Or place a frozen water bottle in front of a fan near her bed to create a neato air conditioner. Ahhhh…..

3. Cat Cooling Mat. Keep in mind, not all cooling mats are created equal. Most are created for dogs, and rightfully so because they contain gels that if poked and injected can be harmful to your kitto. However, Caldera Pet Therapy Gel Pack Inserts for use in pet beds are latex free, non-toxic, non hazardous and microwave and freezer safe. Give this a try with its compatible cover. There are also a variety of cooling pet cots that look super chill.

4. Cold Cat Wipes. You know those popular wipes that are all over the place lately? Several brands are cat friendly. Pop a pack in the fridge and treat your kitty to a cool wipe down twice daily. Or just use a damp paper towel. While most cats don’t like to get wet, something damp and cool will feel good on their hot bodies. Again, make sure the product is formulated for cats – an allergic reaction to the wrong product would take all the fun out of it!

5. Brush and Brush Some More! Welcome to tumbleweed season. Yes, those cute little tufts of fur floating around everywhere is nature’s way of relieving your cat its winter coat. But you can help. Grab a nice, gentle brush (or four) or even a nifty mitt and help your kittos cool off. It’s amazing just how much these things remove and it will certainly alleviate some of the tumbleweeds. Ok, maybe not : ) but they will LOVE you for it. We started with a brush in the laundry room to ‘contain the mess’ (ha!) but now find it just makes more sense to keep a few around the house for frequent brushing. They really do love it and it is so cute how they ‘line up’ when they see the first one getting started!

How do you keep your cats cool? Do tell! We love great ideas, so please let us know. Thanks!



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