5 Quick Questions with Allyssa Rodgers


Recently I had the pleasure of cat sitting for two of the most fun cats – Jack and Millie. I met their mom, Allyssa when she was put in contact with me through a co-worker. Not sure what to do when the family member who usually cared for Jack & Millie was planning to be out of town the same time she was, she decided to give me a try.

I appreciate the trepidation of anyone who reaches out for the first time, as I was in the same boat. It’s a bit of a leap of faith to go from family / friend / neighbor to someone new, and as I often get questions about how folks find me and why they like this service, I asked Allyssa if she could help. Being the spirited, cooperative person she is, she gladly obliged. I sent her 5 quick questions, and here is what she had to say:

1. Tell us a little about your cats.

I have 3 year old very loving and rambunctious little girl (Millie) and a snuggly, although shy 15 year old male (Jack).

2. Have you used a cat sitter before? If not, who usually takes care of them for you?

This is the first time. My family or some close friends usually take care of my kitties when I am out of town.

3. How did you decide to use My Cat Companion?

My first meeting with Maria was wonderful. She was actually at my house about an hour. She asked questions and was so loving to the one cat that actually came out to greet her.

4. How would you rate the experience?

It was great! The house was taken care of and the cats were very calm when I got home. She left me detailed notes about their week and I got daily updates and even some videos of the kitties.

5. You are hired on as Chief Improvement Officer of MCC. Your mission is to improve one thing. What would it be?

Make more Maria’s!! Having more employees would ensure all kitties are taken care of. I know if her schedule gets full she may be limited on who she can help. This is a needed service but not many around town. I’m very grateful I can call on someone who is kind and loving to my cats and also very trustworthy in my home.

Allyssa, I can’t thank you enough! One of the best things about being able to help is spending time with cats like Jack and Millie. Please give them hugs and scratches for me!

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