February Cat Love


I love February. Spring is sneaking it’s little nose into our lives with longer days and warmer weather, hearts / chocolate / flowers are everywhere, and above all this month is devoted to cat heath. So we can take a breath from all the working out and resolutions that January required and refocus our attention on our furry felines.

With that in mind, this is just a quick note to let you know that there will be lots to look forward to here in the weeks ahead, so make this one of your stops with your morning coffee as things are about to get easier and very interesting.

The research going on behind the scenes is geared toward bringing some really handy information your way, and simplifying some of the things you may have stressed about.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Easy (honestly) ways to administer medications
  • The importance of your cats pearly whites (dental hygiene)
  • What a high quality diet really means
  • Good stuff about grooming
  • The Marie-a Kondo Fisher approach to keeping great Vet Records. Or ‘Let’s take a thing we’d rather not do and try to make it fun’

I can tell you already can’t wait! But first, we have snow to shovel, Superbowl menus to attack and cats to brush and spoil. Onward!



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