Easy (honestly!) ways to administer medications

Cats get sick. Not just the routine hairball / mucus stuff, but truly legit ‘run to the vet and pray everything will be ok’ kind of sick.

I think we all remember that first time. In my case, it was several years ago when Buttons was just a little tyke. She was limping. Not bad, and not enough to notice right away, but enough for me to check her paw……take a closer look….. and freeeeaak out!!! There was a red patch – a sore? – that was raw from lots of licking.

First, the ‘will she be ok’ panic sets in. This is where you hope Google is going to remedy everything by providing an ‘oh, that is just a such and such thing, nothing to worry about’ answer. And of course, when that doesn’t happen, the schedule is cleared for the earliest vet appointment. That’s stage one.

Everything at that point is about her being ok. Thoughts centered on: Did I catch it in time? Will she suffer? After getting her to the vet, I tried to maintain composure as the vet checked her pad and overall health. I know the doc was only doing his job, but every ‘hmmm’ was an image of her in cat ICU with me at her bedside, delicately holding her paw.

Imagine my relief, then, when I learned poor Buttons problem was nothing more than run of the mill Interdigital Pododermatitis. Wait – Inter/Podo what? Basically she had an allergic reaction to a new litter I was trying out. Thank goodness, she will live to see another day!

The vet prescribed amoxicillin. All I would have to do is administer once daily….wait. What?? This is where the second little bit of panic sets in – stage two. So glad Buttons will be fine, but you want me to do what every day? Not ever having done anything like this makes it even more daunting. And honestly I think I was so relieved / nervous / not thinking, it didn’t even occur to me to ask my vet for help.

Because there will probably come a time for all of us, how about we get past that. Meet Ingrid Johnson. A renowned cat behaviorist, she runs the popular site Fundamentally Feline – another great resource for all things cat. I have been following her for years, and really feel her videos are some of the best. I only wish I knew of her Medicating Techniques video before getting so worked up about giving Buttons amoxicillin, because she makes the whole process very comfortable, and yes, easy.

Now, several years and a few other minor incidents later I consider myself an old pro. I’m sure it is very much the same with kids – the first one does all the ‘breaking in’ for stuff we never had to deal with, and before you know it it’s not even a second thought.

Nonetheless, I suggest you keep this information handy and share it with cat owners old and new alike. Ingrid pointed out so many things I hadn’t considered, and will use going forward. One of the big take aways for me was the treat follow up. Check it out: I thought I was nervous giving medicine for the first time, how do you think Buttons felt seeing this weird syringe coming at her face? I think the way Ingrid walks you through how to make the cat comfortable is worth its weight in gold!

I can feel the collective sigh of relief! : ) Hope this gets bookmarked so when the day comes it will save time with searches and you can all roll up your sleeves, take the bull by the horns (or in this case, the cat by the head) and administer like the pro you are! Happy Healthy Cat Month!

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