Grooming Goodies!

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Good Morning Cat Luvers! Today will be fun because I have been curating a great collection of all things cats, and have some really cool grooming gadgets that I can’t wait to share!

We all want our kittos to look and feel special, but sometimes it is a little too easy to just rely on them to take care of their own grooming. I feel you. Here are a few great tools to add to your repertoire to make your cat’s life a whole lot prettier! Are you a big fan of a specific cat gizmo? Please let me know. Anything that can make things easier / more fun / less stressful I am all about.

nailclippersNail Clippers. No more rock / paper / scissors to decide who get’s to trim Sasha’s nails. Meet the Safety Pet Nail Clipper from The Grommet. With over 220 positive reviews it is a perfectly sized (and smartly designed) pet nail clipper that makes the whole thing effortless. Your cat will not even realize what’s up. Not only are these supposed to hold up for life and come with a cushioned non-slip handle, but because they are size specific to the pet it pretty much guarantees not messing up. The best mani / pedi tool I have seen. Get these – you can thank me later!

brushglovesBrushing Gloves. With shedding season just around the corner, we all know (and dread) the all day, every day event brushing becomes. Even the kittos get a little impatient and start to scatter when they see the brushes come out! Here’s an idea: put on these gloves, pull your cat on your lap, get Netflix going and rub a dub dub. You will be happy, your cat will be happy — problem solved! Although I’m sure most of you are familiar with this version, the Kitty Tongue is a little less abrasive which is perfect for short hair cats and cats who dislike traditional brushing. Either way, I think having a few pairs stashed around the house is also helpful, because I do the same with portable vacuums to keep the fur tumble weeds at bay and it works like a charm!

catwipes1Cat Wipes. Let’s face it, most cats don’t like baths. For those of you who have managed to get your cat comfortable with the whole thing, I applaud you. But for the rest of us, there are cat wipes. Honestly, once I stumbled upon these Earthbath All Natural Cat Wipes the whole bathing thing has been a breeze. Often after brushing I will grab one of these and give a quick cleaning, and especially in drier months they really seem to appreciate the way it makes their skin feel. These are thicker than most, have Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and keep dander at bay. Honestly I know there are several varieties of wipes out there, so whatever works for you is great but it’s certainly something that really helps keep their coats soft and shiny, and they smell pretty, too!

catbrushSelf Groomer Cat Brush. Omg I can’t tell you how long this was on the bucket list! I kept seeing it around, but was kind of second guessing whether it would really get used. But c’mon — for $5? Hard to pass up and I’m glad I didn’t. I like this Catit Senses version because it is a nice, durable plastic and fits corners perfectly. In fact, I have heard of folks using them on desk legs or other furniture pieces as well. Most important is that my cats love scratching their little cheeks and whiskers on it. Just like scratching posts, it is great to have an accessory to take care of their cute faces and that they can use on their own. It comes with catnip, which is supposed to lure your cat and get it accustomed to using it, but honestly I don’t even use the catnip and think it’s just fine without it, and so do the girls!

So, just a few of my favs here but look for more cool stuff soon. Please let me know how these work out for you if you give them a try. Oh yeah – this is not a sponsored post, simply legit from personal use info. Happy National Cat Health Month! Hope your kittos are all happier and healthier than ever.


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