Spoiler Alert: 5 Ways to Spoil, Indulge and Celebrate National Cat Day



Today is National Cat Day — the second of two (ok three if we factor in Black Cat Day) days that raise awareness for cats. You may recall, International Cat day is August 8th.

According to nationaltoday.com, “National Cat Day reminds us that just when you think your cats have lost interest in you, they’ll turn around and melt your hearts.” Well, that’s every day in my house – and my work, so I consider myself pretty lucky to be graced with so much adorableness!

National Cat Day got it’s start in 2005, created by lifestyle writer Colleen Paige, with the intent “to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and also encourage cat lovers to celebrate the cat(s) in their lives for the unconditional love and companionship they bestow upon us.”

With that in mind, let’s do something special for a cat or four. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I have shared here, but I’m sure the good ol’ ball of string and a few special treats would be just fine. Honestly, if you have a special way you spoil your kitto, I’d love to know.  In the meantime, here are mine:

1). Donate to a Rescue. There isn’t a cat lover I know who wouldn’t take in several more if they were able, so it goes without saying that rescues are heaven sent. Whether you volunteer your time, support a fundraiser or just contribute to their Amazon wish list, every donation is greatly appreciated. Cozy Cat Cottage and Cat Welfare Association are just two of many great local organizations, so please keep this in mind no matter what day or time of year as the need is always pretty significant. They can’t do it without you!

CheekBrush2). Cheeky Brushing. Thelma just can’t get enough of this, and still has yet to figure out that we have the Catit Self Groomer brush on the wall by the basement. Regardless, no sooner does she finish her dinner than she makes her way to the back hall, outside the laundry room (where we keep the cat food and brushes) for her daily ‘treat’. Lest we forget, her sweet (constant) little meow is sure to remind us. Most cats really love this, so spend a few extra minutes today on one of their favorite indulgences.

3). Extra Playtime. Right now, Buttons is probably sleeping. But make no mistake, not long after she awakes and gets a good strrreeettch she will be in the mood for one of our games. I wrote about one of our favorite pastimes here, but she also loves chasing and hiding little sparkly pom poms & other toys. Do your cat the ultimate favor: pause Netflix, leave the clean up for later and spend some extra time with them, whatever their silly little playtime wishes.

4). Fire up YouTube. Have you guys figured this one out yet? Not only is YouTube fun for watching cat videos, but also entertaining your cat. Yup. Several channels have music and television specifically designed to keep your cat occupied and / or cradle them to sleep! I know, right? This video in particular, has lots of great feedback and most swear by how effective it is at putting their cat to sleep. I have yet to try it with the girls, but it almost worked on me, so that counts, right? And when they wake up, treat them to:

WeezyBreakfast5). Breakfast in Bed. Ahem. Need I say more? Ok, I will admit this is truly not something I would really do, other than like this one time. But a little special indulgence now & then is a necessary thing, right? Now I am curious: How do you spoil your cats? And to all the cats out there — thank you for providing all of us mom’s and dad’s the pleasure of your company! We are celebrating you. And your bed hogging / 3 am playtime / never a dull moment part of our lives!


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