As we are double checking shopping lists, Black Friday deals and preparing turkey brine, I am counting my blessings — something I try to do frequently. At the top of the list is always the sweet, fluffy, cute and rambunctious cats I get to spend my days with.

When I first started this business, I remember thinking about how great it would be to give cats a specialized level of care that I thought they would insist upon. My focus was on all the ways I could play, dote, cuddle, and spoil cats that seemed to be missing in most care options. And because I just felt it was obvious and necessary.

The beauty of this is not only do I get to pamper these rascals, but enjoy their company, silliness and unique feline-ness as well. And it really is a privilege. This Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks for just that. Of course there are litter boxes and hairballs to be cleaned, and every so often some intermittent fussiness, but although it sounds cliché, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Often times I get asked why I don’t post more about about my cat clients. Actually it is something I have been wanting to do and hope to make a frequent part of these posts in 2020! In the meantime, I will let you get back to your holiday prep, but with my sincerest thanks for being a part of my extended growing family. My cup runneth over! Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!

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