Cats vs. Christmas Trees – Game On!


Ahhhh, the holidays. As if there isn’t already enough to deal with, let’s not forget about the ongoing saga of most cat owners: How best to decorate a Christmas tree without the cats using it as their personal playground. To be fair, for a cat a Christmas tree is like a Willy Wonka Cat Toyland: all kinds of little sparkly, shiny, twitching things just begging to be pounced upon, and in a huge tree, no less!!

Personally, it’s not really Christmas without the tree. I have figured out some (not always successful) ways to work around it over the years: using smaller trees with just lights, or placing the tree behind a chair and decorating only the top. Actually, other festive decorations like lighted greenery on the mantel and big snowflakes above the kitchen cabinets make up for compromises in tree decoration and for me it is totally worth it. If it means avoiding a fully decorated tree crashing to the floor at 3 a.m. or emergency vet visits because a cat ate something she wasn’t supposed to, then I’m good.

That said, it still doesn’t really solve your problem. So whether you are new to this or just looking for a new way to have you cat and Christmas tree too, I may have a solution that will. For starters, where better to look for whatever you need than Reddit? One of the best resources out there for stuff you need and didn’t know you needed, I would head there first. Of course, the various cat sub reddits will probably be chock full of great tips, but recently in LPT (Life Pro Tips) I found these gems:


MJG2007 gets my upvote! And a Silver! But as right as he/she is, it is still a little counterintuitive to those of us who love trees. And cats. We will figure out a way, dammit!

And then there is Animal expert Erin Rachel. I stumbled across this very informative YouTube video with lots of great ideas not long ago. Perhaps something here will work for you:

Actually the dried orange and lemon around the bottom of the tree may just have me rethinking my own strategies — I may have to give that a try! Thanks Erin! Hopefully something she suggested may work for you, too. Or maybe you are lucky like _UWotM8 from the Reddit suggestions above and have cats that will just sleep under the tree! Please IG the crap out of that for all of us who can only dream! Whatever road you take, do us all a favor and please report back — we really need to know what works, so we can start our planning for next year now! lol. And have a safe, happy, tree incident free holiday. Cheers!

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